Skin Analyzer


It is currently one of the most advanced facial imaging analyzer systems in the world. using deep autonomous learning technology, automatic face recognition technology, eight-color spectral imaging technology, cloud computing cloud storage technology, intelligent 3D image switching, the detection result can be obtained in 13 seconds.

At the same time, it is equipped with a tablet computer , wireless connection, and operation is more concise; it supports online software upgrades to ensure that the user’s operation analyzer software is always up-to-date and has more complete functions.

Type: Skin Analyzer
Features: Acne analysis, Pigmentation analysis, Skin Wrinkle analysis, Detect Skin Moisture

Portable Skin Analyzer Machine
Skin Problems Analysis

Feature 1: Acquisition through Double 12 Mphd Cameras
Feature 2: Three Light Sources analyze
Feature 3: Ten Skin Analysis Items
Feature 4: Ai-based face Recognition Technology
Feature 5: Loading 4g Wireless Module
Feature 6: Smart Test over Big Data
Feature 7: Pushing Products And Test Reports

Smart skin analyzer system:
1. Sampling the skin
2. Analyze & capture skin
3. Accoring to the report recommend cosmetic product
4. Deliver the report by cellphone

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