Skin scanner for hair and skin


This beautiful scanner is easy to carry. And you can adjust the scanner with the remote control. It has high definition, so beauticians could test the condition of the skin and hair of the clients clearly and then give their clients the appropriate treatment.

Test range: 1. for the skin: we could see the status of the skin. Is oily, dry or neutral 2. for hair: clogging hair follicles / excess oil / bacterial secretion

Skin test Description: 1. 50x lens: The nature of the skin test and the daily symptoms show.

Skin in general

The thickness of the leather trench varies irregularly

Dry skin

Leather trench fine texture than clutter

Oily skin

Thin pores; oily texture is not obvious

Skin aging

Texture mostly disappeared in one direction

Acne-type skin

Accumulation of sebum in the pores

Sensitive skin

The skin is thin, prone to stimulate micro vascular expansion

Guy dressed in fur

Accumulation of sebum in the pores, inflamed by bacterial infection, causing purulent

Pigmented skin

Hyper pigmentation, gathered in an irregular

200x lens: Detecting the nature of the hair and the daily symptoms show, such as clogging of hair follicles / excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection. Features: 1. Natural lighting, using high-resolution CCD sensor images. 2. The interchangeable lens can detect oil, water, pigment, pores, elasticity, collagen, acne, etc. on the skin surface. 3. It can freeze the picture and has the function of zooming in and out the system image. 4. It can detect nails, skin, blackheads, beards, acne marks, insects, leaves, printed matter, jade and ceramic particles. 5. Use a 50x lens for skin detection and a 200x lens for hair detection. 6. Care for hair follicles, take care of hair follicles in a targeted manner, and take care of your health. 7. Main functions: skin detection (surface cortex, skin pigment, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.); aperture test: electron microscopy, computer area test; skin roughness: digital measurement; skin pigmentation: oily, red, skin pigment , Skin spots and so on.

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