Smart Body Analysis Scale


New Updated Smart Body Analysis pdf

1.) Independent of the smartphone trade fair
After connecting the APP and performing the first measurement, the body fat scale with app can independently complete the measurement of the body composition and display eight essential parameters, even nearby without your smartphone. It can store up to 24 records and automatically sync with the APP once your phone is connected to the meter, so don’t worry about missing data.


2.) TFT screen
Unlike ordinary digital scales body fat muscle mass, which only show the weight, this smart version equipped with a TFT color display that shows eight essential parameters very clearly, namely weight, body fat percentage, water content of the body, pulse, BMI, muscle mass, body age and bone mass and body type.

3.) More body composition data and trends
This body analysis scale provides accurate measurement and analysis of body weight, BMI,
body fat, body water content of the body, muscle mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat tissue, abdominal fat, etc., and it provides detailed history charts of multiple readings, allowing you to develop your body composition over days, weeks, months or more for years and your fitness plan continuously.

4.) 8 Electrodes
This wireless digital scale is equipped with eight electrodes (four foot and four hand electrodes) that measure limbs and trunk separately and accurately display fat and muscle percentages of each part of the body in a professional report. In addition, based on the report, you will receive an analysis of your physical condition, including the analysis of body composition, the ratio of muscle and fat, possible obesity and body type. As a result, you can train more effectively on the basis of these analyses, because they are adapted to your condition.

5.) Multiple users
This intelligent body scale allows the creation of up to 24 user profiles and can automatically recognize users by their weight (+/-2 kg or 4.4 lb), in addition, each user can easily receive data on his/her smartphone and the data of all users can be managed individually separately, for a healthy lifestyle, shared with friends and family.

6.) Baby Mode

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