UVB phototherapy medical system vitiligo 308nm laser excimer



Please note: the Blue Colour UVB System comes with 1 time card which has 100 uses as it is an older version, the other colours have unlimited uses.


Single wavelength of 308 nm excimer light, XeCl is medium;Targeted therapy, nondestructive to healthy skin; High energy, curative effect and take effect quickly. Chlorine element in the closed therapeutic apparatus and xenon (an inert element Xe) atoms under the action of high frequency electric field, the formation of volatile chlorinated xenon excimer, the excimer unstable, in its return from would-be son state atomic state in the process of natural radiation out of the single wavelength of 308 nm excimer light, it is mainly used for the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo


  1. High purity xenon chloride (XECL) gas output single wavelength —308nm
  2. Portable, flexible and convenient
  3. Multiple sizes optical output window, targeted treatment


308nm Excimer Principle:

  1. The light source is molecules formed by xenon atoms (Xe) and chlorine atom (Cl) under the action of high frequency electric field .

2.Since the chlorine atoms (Cl) can accept an electron from xenon atom, the two atoms are in an unstable electron configuration(excimer) after being excited and will strive to come back to its original form, resulting in a high purity 308 nm monochromatic excimer light.

308nm excimer light is in the middle wavelength of 290~320nm, also the most effective wave band, which can enhance the activity of tyrosinase in melanocytes to produce melanin quickly in melanocytes, thus the effect of the treatment is achieved.


Item Specification

Optical Power Density


Spot Size


Lamp Type

Xecl Lamp

Light Wavelength


Complete Machine Input Power


Display Screen

5 inch color TFTLCD, resolution 320*240

Touch Screen

Capacitance screen

Device Type

I type

Electric Shock Protection Grade

BF type

Work Mode


Treatment Time


Erythema Test Dose


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