Velashape portable V8


Face lifting

Weight loss

Cellulite reduction

Skin tightening

Body shaper

Wrinkle removal

LCD screen

  1. Display screen: 10.4/8″ Chromatic Screen
  2. Display screen of handpiece

Display screen on handpiece 1: 2.4″

Display screen on handpiece 2: 1.9″

Working mode


Pulse width: 0.5s-7.5s

Negative pressure

  1. Absolute value: 80kPa -10kPa (60.8cmHg – 7.6cmHg)
  2. Relative value: 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg – 68.4cmHg)

Rev of roller: 0-36 rpm

Working mode for roller: 4 types

Safety checking: Real time on line

RF frequency: 1MHz

RF energy density: Max: 50J/cm

Laser wavelength: 940nm

Laser power: MAX 20W

Cavitation: 40KHz

Number of handpiece: 4

Treatment area: 4mmx7mm, 8mmx25mm, 30mmx50mm, 40mmx60mm

Rated input power: 750VA

Mode of power supply: AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/ AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz (Optional)

G.W.: 45kg

Packing size: 69*63*51cm

Packing method: Flight case

Packing list:

No. 1 big vacuum RF laser head for body * 1

No. 2 vacuum RF laser head for arms * 1

No. 3 vacuum RF laser head for face * 1

40K cavitation head * 1

Power cord * 1

Rotary knob screws * 12

Acrylic accessories hanging rack * 2

Aluminum holder * 1

Acrylic accessories hanging rack screws * 6

Clothes for treatment * 2

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