ZSculpt Cool Body Sculpting



Up to 4 Areas Treated Simultaneously



Patients report more comfort with our enhanced cup design



The same proven efficacy in almost half the time



360 Cooling applicator provides more uniform cooling and largest cooling area which in turn increases direct tissue contact



Effective Results

More Tissue Treated, More Fat Reduction .Up 47 % fat reduced in single session for one area.

Clinically proven permanently reduce fat cells.

Innovative concept of Cryo EMS ensure a firming effects

Optimal Experience

Improved comfort .

Hands-free treatment .

High patient satisfaction.

Fast 35-minute treatment protocols.

Medically proven / Precise cooling control (0.1 ℃ deviation ) for maximum safety.

Comprehensive Handpiece offer high patient & treatment versatility.

High Profitability

Fast Return on Investment ROI.

Multiple body areas treated simultaneously.

Full body contouring with several cross-selling opportunities.

Almost half Shorter duration than other cryo devices.

Minimal staff requirement as extremely easy to handle technical characteristics


Zsculpt Alpha equipped in conductive metal treated handle allows suction distributed throughout the interior of the hand-piece, Silicon gel material envelop the conductive aluminum, provides a comfortable but optimal contact of the skin with the entire cooling surface, ensuring a distribution uniform coldness on the entire treated tissue, accurately penetrate controlled localized cooling into deeper subcutaneous fat layer in a more rapid and uniform way, which is scientifically proven to offer a safe, non-invasive and reliable procedure for the selective reduction of fat cells.


Seven Exchangeable applicators for full body sculpting

The Zsculpt Alpha has a wide range of 7 ergonomic heads that adapt to the anatomy and needs of any area: abdomen, arms, armpits, double chin, buttocks, flanks, bra line, inner and outer thighs, knees. Zsculpt Alpha cooling cups are ergonomically designed to adhere to each curve of the body, optimized to achieve desired outcomes from head to toe.

Thermal Shock Lipolysis

Thermal Shock lipolysis works by a process called thermal contrast lipolysis which uses a combination of hot and cold temperatures to target fat cells. This innovative, new therapy combined two sources (Cryo sculpting and Hyperthermia), The target area is treated with a triple thermal shock of heating – cooling- heating, applied for a specific duration by using sophisticated automated software in a dynamic, sequential and temperature controlled manner.


Clinical proved that 33% of the treated fat tissue will be eliminated.

Approximately 80% of the final result will be visible within 20 days.compared to typical 4D Cryolipolysis fat freezing procedures.

360 Surrounding Cryolipolysis

Zsculpt 360 surround cooling technology is unlike the conventional two sided cooling method, The 360 applicator relies on “all-round cooling” instead of the traditional cryo cup “Cooling plates”. High conductive cooling surface offer a unique cooling delivery system which results in firmer skin and even better fat reduction.


Due to the 360 surrounding cooling applicator, Zsculpt Cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment result in a 18.1% more effecitve in a even shorter (35 minutes) treatment procedure


The Zsculpt Alpha automatically sets recommended parameters for each cup upon connection of each respective cryolipolysis applicator, allows working with one, two, three or four applicators independently and simultaneously. Simultaneous applicators ensure cover a larger area and perform the treatment on multiple areas of the same patient or different patients in the same session, reducing treatment time and favouring the patient’s comfort, obtaining a more visible and transformational results from the very first




Thermal Shock Lipolysis Contrast Technology

Cooling Temperature

-10℃ or -15℃

Heating Temperature


Simultaneous use

Up to 4 areas treated simultaneously

Treatment applicator

7 interchangeable applicators

Power standard

100 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz; 220 V / 60 Hz

Control unit

10.4″ colour touch screen for all software operations,1.2″ colour touch screen for each handpieceHandpiece operation via both host display and handpiece display

Zsculpt Manual

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